Molecular Pharmacology, Voigt Group

03.01.2018 Youtube Video

Cardiovascular Research Onlife – Pioneer of Calcium Signalling – Professor Lederer

Prof. Jonathan Lederer discusses his scientific career as a pioneer in the field of cellular calcium signalling and offers his wisdom to young researchers following his keynote lecture at the Göttingen Channels Symposium 2017 of the German Cardiac Society’s working group on cellular electrophysiology (AG 18).

25.09.2017 Youtube Video

Dr. Niels Voigt talks with Dr. Catherine Boileau

Dr. Catherine Boileau talks with Dr. Niels Voigt for Cardiovascular Research Onlife at the 2017 William Harvey Lecture of the European Society of Cardiology.

12.12.2016 Youtube Video

Demonstration on the use of Computational Modelling

Demonstration on the use of computational modelling and interview with Dr. Jordi Heijman, Maastricht University.

02.07.2013 Youtube Video

Isolation of human atrial myocytes for simultaneous measurements of Ca2+ transients and membrane currents.

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