In our Translational Research Projects, we go beyond state-of-the-art concepts from pharmacology and biomedical sciences to develop novel solutions for unmet medical and societal needs.

We use our platform technologies intensively for the development of novel therapies.

ATMP Development

Translational Research Projects at the Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology

Portrait des Institutsdirektors Professor Zimmermann

At the Institute of Pharmacology and Toxicology, we aim to address unmet medical and societal needs.

Our projects are deeply rooted in fundamental research, always associated with the question whether, how, and when to translate. Along this path, a diverse set of challenges has to be addressed by an interdisciplinary team of basic, applied, and clinical scientists. To bring our strategies closer to application, we exploit induced pluripotent stem cell, organoid, and tissue engineering models in combination with data science and latest molecular, genetic, and proteomic measures. To facilitate true translation, private-public partnerships are essential. Repairon GmbH (tissue engineered heart repair), myriamed GmbH (drug development in patient-in-the-dish models), and myriameat GmbH (edible bioengineered meat) are examples for our efforts to bridge the gap.

Engineered Human Myocardium (EHM). Picture by Emese Zavodszky.
Bio-Engineered Neuronal Organoid (BENO). Picture by Kea Schmoll.
Skeletal Muscle Organoid (SMO). Picture by Arne Hofemeier.

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